How efficient are your water heaters?
Our water heaters are 97.3% energy efficient and if they are regular maintained then they remain efficient.

How long do your water heaters last?
This depends upon the area in which the water heater is to be installed. In a hard water area like London you may need to de-scale the boiler more often than if you were in Scotland, or the north of England. However, our water heaters are very reliable and have lasted between 20-30 years. If the water heaters are regularly serviced, they could last longer.

Why should you de scale and service the water heater?
Regular de-scaling and servicing will prolong the water heater’s life and keep fuel costs to a minimum. Moreover, this will aid its efficiency. Why Beaumont Recommend you de-scale your water heater.

How easy is it to get parts sent?
Beaumont stocks most parts from small probes to larger burner spares. Beaumont cylinders and heat exchangers are produced locally in Landford.. Smaller items can normally be sent by next day carrier service. Larger parts can be delivered within three working days.

If I place an order for delivery how quickly can I get my water heater?
Once your order is placed, our professional Beaumont staff can usually deliver it within 5-10 working days.

Do you do the pipe work and electrical work?
No. Pipe and electrical work should be carried out by an engineering contractor. However, we are happy to recommend one to you.

How do I get it commissioned, serviced and maintained?
Beaumont staff are trained to BSI standard and will commission and maintain the units. A low-cost service agreement and an emergency fixed-rate call out can be put in place.


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