Beaumont Heater Services Limited an established British manufacturer since 1966 and daily service provider, wish to communicate to our loyal company customers the actual facts in regards the ErP Directive.

Beaumont Water Heaters wishes to advise all customer`s whom do not understand the European directive, not to panic in to making any decisions that they may regret, having been wrongly advised by not knowing the actual facts of the new Directive of the “can and cannot do”. Beaumont Water Heaters would strongly advise all Beaumont water heaters customers if necessary to seek expert advice from a reputable Building Services Consultant, if the new European Directive may affect you as a daily operational user(s), property owner(s).

Beaumont Water Heaters wish to make it abundantly clear to all Beaumont Water Heater customers, that any replacement components and service replacement cylinders, heat exchangers that you may require, will remain available to all customers for their immediate replacement, “ which you the daily operator, property owner can do and would be fully complying with the ErP Directive”.

Beaumont Heater Services Limited. Have appointed at a considerable cost the expert services of Enertek International who are a leading expert company in product development and test certification, Enertek International having previously tested, and are currently retesting all our manufactured appliances to fully comply with the ErP Directive.

The Enertek International test results will be certified by BSI, in conjunction with the company`s CE Mark Auditors ensuring a British manufacturer is fully compliant with the new European ErP Directive.

Beaumont Water Heaters, would be delighted to assist customers with any technical advice they may wish to seek. The company`s technical team is available twenty four seven three hundred and sixty five days a year. The team is looking forward to being of service.

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