Case Studies

Portman Mansions is a Victorian mansion block, built in the late 19th Century and currently consists of 120 flats (122 including the estate office and gym).

Beaumont was first introduced to Portman mansions back in the early 90's, when we supplied and installed two Vertical Units and a Minimaster.

Moreover, Beaumont has supplied several Energymaster 2/50 gas water heaters, to three other Blocks - ensuring a hot water supply.

A service agreement has now been put in place to ensure Portman Mansions receive an annual de-scale and service. These will be carried out by Beaumont’s trusted and highly skilled engineers. The agreement and cost has been fixed over a period to suit Portman Mansions. A fixed emergency call-out has also been agreed, should the occasion arise.

Beaumont boilers and heaters are 95% recyclable


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