Case Studies

In the early 80's Beaumont supplied two Vertical water heaters. In 2004, they supplied two Energymaster water heaters.

In November, 2008 Beaumont Water Heaters provided; four new heat exchangers, a full de-scale to two Beaumont hot water fired heaters

- commissioned to factory settings and to their optimum operating efficiency.

The pictures below show what happens when de-scaling is not carried out. The scale builds up all around the heat exchangers and the unit loses capacity to function efficiently. Beaumont removed the scale from the boiler - this should be done annually, especially if you are in a hard water area. However, scale does build up even if you use water softeners.

This picture shows the boiler without its heat exchangers, so you can see that the white coating is free of scale and remains in perfect condition. Beaumont completed the job, during the quiet periods, as requested by the hotel, so that guests would not be without hot water.


Beaumont boilers and heaters are 95% recyclable


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