V Series


Vertical atmospheric water heaters for a natural gas or LPG and available with either permanent pilot, or electronic ignition for BEMS compatability.

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • No fragile glass lining
  • No cathodic protection required
  • 79% thermal transmission efficiency
  • Feed diffusion plate
  • Close control of flow temperature
  • No stratification

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  • Schools and Halls of Residence
  • Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Sport Centres
  • Factory washrooms and showers
  • Holiday camps and Caravan parks
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Hospitals and Nursing homes
  • Blocks of flats

Long Life

The heat exchanger body and patented feed diffusion plate are manufactured from stainless steel, which does not need further coating or treatment to extend the life expectancy. The feed diffusion plate ensures even temperature distribution throughout the stored volume and minimises scale accumulation.
The Beaumont V series do not need cathodic protection and consequently are cheaper to run and maintain. Regular servicing by Beaumont trained engineers ensures a length of service unsurpassed by other makes of vertical water heater.

Longer Life
These units will continue to operate long after the payback period has gone and even then they can be completely refurbished at a fraction of the cost of replacement, extending their life further still.

Efficient Operation
The output water temperature is closely controlled by the integral digital electronic thermostat. By maintaining the recommended minimum flow through the unit, stratification is eliminated, thereby ensuring all the stored volume is available all the time at the set temperature, which is not the case with the alternatives where stratification is allowed to occur.

Sample Specification
"Model VE200 vertical direct fired hot water generator with atmospheric gas burner and electronic ignition having an output of 58.6kW, nominal storage of 287 litres and a recovery rate of 1120 1/h through a 45 rise. Complete with electronic digital thermostat and burner controls and shunt pump assembly. All as manufactured by Beaumont Water Heaters."




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