A compact factory assembled hot water generator equipped with a single pressure jet burner for gas, LPG, oil, or biodiesel firing.

  • Direct fired Water Heater
  • Compact, low profile
  • Energy efficient
  • Choice of fuels
  • Scale shedding heat exchanger
  • Easily maintained for long life

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  • Small Hotels and Motels
  • Nursing homes
  • Factory washrooms and showers
  • Holiday camps and Caravan parks
  • Public houses, Social Clubs and Sports centres
  • and wherever low cost , reliable, on-demand hotwater is required

Long Life

All hydraulic components are protected by a tough polypropylene based coat ing and the purpose designed stainless steel heat exchanger sheds scale during normal operation. Regular servicing by Beaumont trained engineers includes loose scale removal to ensure a length of service unsurpassed by other makes of water heater.

Longer Life
Long after the payback period has erded the units can be completely refurbishedat a fraction of the replacement cost, to extend their life even further.

Efficient Operation
Direct firing is the most energy efficient method of heating large volumes of hotwater and this, coupled with the control of the accurate Integral electronic digital thermostat, provides a high thermal transmission efficiency of 80%.

Sample Specification
"Model 110 Minimaster direct fired hot water generator by Beaumont Water Heater shaving an output of 29.3kW, nominal storage capacity of 273 litres and a recovery rate of 560 1/h through a 45°C rise. Complete with a natural gas pressure jet burner and electronic digital thermostat. The recommended minimum standby flow rate through the unit is 0.25 /Is. All as manufactured by Beaumont Water Heaters

Details on request

  • Extra section for greater storage
  • Special coating on hydraulic components for flow temperatures higher than 80°C.
  • All stainless steel construction for special applications.
  • Skid mounted and weatherproofed for external use.



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