Direct-fired hot water generators equipped with twin pressure Jet burners for natural gas, LPG, oil, or biodiesel firing.

  • Direct fired Water Heater
  • Compact, low profile
  • Energy efficient
  • Choice of fuels
  • Scale shedding heat exchanger
  • Easily maintained for long life

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  • Hotels and Motels
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Schools and Halls of Residence
  • Holiday Camps and Caravan Parks
  • Sports Centres
  • Factory Washrooms and Showers
  • Wash Down Applications

The Beaumont Energymaster Range

The largest range of direct fired water heaters from a single source, specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications.

The nine sizes in regular production are detailed on the back cover and theseare supplemented by high storage variants where large dump loads are required. The first digit of the model number Indicates the number of sections. Each section nominally holds 455 litres. Extra storage is, therefore, obtained by ordering an energymaster with an extra section. For example, if a recovery rate of 2790 litres per hour is accept able but a storage of 1356 litres is required, then order the unit as an Energymaster 350 Special.

Standard controls fitted to all Energymasters are;
a) Twin Burner Control having individual On/ Off switches and lockout indicators with reset buttons and a manual over-ride facility.
b) Electronic Temperature Control with digital read­ out which is very accurate and can be set in the range 30°C to 50°C. The switching differential can also be set in the range -10°C to 0°c.
240 volt BMS contacts are provided for the purpose of interfacing with Building Energy Management Systems.

Self contained systems
Hot water generation by an Energymaster is a complete hot water system which eliminates the primary losses normally incurred by costly indirect systems. A reduction in secondary losses is also possible due to the acceptable lower water temperatures in the secondary circuit.

Scale Shedding Heat Exchangers
The stainless steel heat exchangers are fitted with turbulators to maximise heat transfer to the water. The exchangers expand and contract at a different rate to the scale, causing any scale formation to loosen and fall to the bott om of the cylinders.

Simple Scale Removal
The 1000 mm diameter end door provides access for fast removal of sludge and the loose scale which has fallen from the heat exchangers. The frequency of scale removal will depend on the hardness of the water and the client will be advised by Beaumont following the first service by the company's fully trained engineers.

Corrosion Resistant Shell
All hydraulic components are protected by a tough, long life, hot bonded polypropylene based coating which is corrosion resistant and minimises scale adhesion. This eliminates the need for chemical descallng and is a major factor in the longevity of the Energymaster range.

Modular Construction
All components will pass through a standard door opening ensuring rapid low cost site assembly, and can be stored and handled on site with ease.

50mm foil backed fibre glass wrap to water cylinders and ends, independent of casing.

Beaumont offer an extended warranty maintenance full labour and consumable part replacement for a minimum period of five years.




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